હેપી મેન’સ ડે

[આ લેખ યુ.એસ.થી શ્રીમતી અજિતાબેન શાહે ઈ મેલ દ્વારા ફોરવર્ડ કર્યા બદલ મેઘધનુષ આભારી છે.]


For the 1st time something on a MAN, Do read it

Who is a MAN?

A man is the most beautiful part of God’s creation who starts compromising at a very tender age.

He sacrifices his chocolates 4 his sister.

He sacrifices his dreams 4 just a smile on his parents face.

He spends his entire pocket money on buyng gifts 4 the girl he loves just 2 see her smiling

He sacrifices his full youth 4 his wife & children by working late @ night without any complain.

He builds their future by takng loans from banks & repayng them 4 lifetime.

He struggles a lot & still has 2 bear scolding from his mother, wife & boss.

His mother, wife & boss all try 2 control him.

His life finally ends up only by compromising 4 others happiness.

Respect every male in your life.
U will never know what he has sacrificed 4U.

Worth sending 2 every man 2 make him smile & every woman 2 make her realize his worth!!

बेचारा मर्द……!?

अगर औरत पर हाथ उठाये तो बेशर्म,

औरतसे मार खाये तो बुझदिल,

औेरतको किसी के साथ देखकर लडाई करें तो जेलस

चुप रहें तो डरपोक

घरसे बहार रहे तो आवारा

घरमें रहे तो नौकर

बच्चोंको डाँटे तो जालिम

ना डाँटे तो लापरवाह

औरतको नौकरी करनेसे रोके तो शक करनेवाला

ना रोके तो बीवीकी कमाई खानेवाला

मा की सुने तो चमचा

बीवीकी सुने तो जोरुका गुलाम

ना जाने कब आयेगा



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